Monday, March 12, 2012

Things that keep me from knitting

1. Sleeping- This one is obvious as much as I would love to knit while I sleep I don't think it is possible or even safe (think lace tips)

2. Working- This one is so true! I envy the people who can make knitting their living... The again thinking of the blog post I am writing(LYS-the good, the bad and the ugly) I know it cannot be easy from the "other side of things"

3. Reading- I LOVE reading and since I have been knitting I stopped or slowed... I started reading knitting novels last week and I had every intention of blogging this weekend but was so engrossed in my books (thanks Kathy!) They were written by Terri Dulong- any suggestions for what I should read after that?

4. Blogging- it is a lot of fun to blog and I blog about knitting so it may not seem like it is taking me away but it does! (recently reading has been taking me away from my blog, I apologize!)

5. Errands/Chores- laundry is my weekend enemy when all I want to do is knit my "to do" list always seems a mile long!

- what takes you away from knitting?