Monday, March 12, 2012

Things that keep me from knitting

1. Sleeping- This one is obvious as much as I would love to knit while I sleep I don't think it is possible or even safe (think lace tips)

2. Working- This one is so true! I envy the people who can make knitting their living... The again thinking of the blog post I am writing(LYS-the good, the bad and the ugly) I know it cannot be easy from the "other side of things"

3. Reading- I LOVE reading and since I have been knitting I stopped or slowed... I started reading knitting novels last week and I had every intention of blogging this weekend but was so engrossed in my books (thanks Kathy!) They were written by Terri Dulong- any suggestions for what I should read after that?

4. Blogging- it is a lot of fun to blog and I blog about knitting so it may not seem like it is taking me away but it does! (recently reading has been taking me away from my blog, I apologize!)

5. Errands/Chores- laundry is my weekend enemy when all I want to do is knit my "to do" list always seems a mile long!

- what takes you away from knitting?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


A lot of people talk about, "second sock syndrome" which I am sure happens... but for me it was, "first sock syndrome." For the readers who are non-knitters "second sock syndrome" is about doing half of something and not having the motivation to continue... Like doing the laundry but not want to fold it or put it away... but worse because you can still wear the laundry right out of the laundry basket even if they aren't folded; you cannot wear one sock without the other one being done.

For me I had what I am calling, "first sock syndrome." Ever since I began knitting everyone talked about how great socks were and how they were the most worn and useful item you would ever knit. In addition to these highlights they also talked about the dreaded "Kitchener Stitch." According to most, this  stitch was so difficult and confusing that they wouldn't even try socks even after years of knitting. After hearing this for so long and  making a couple pairs of fingerless mitts, I decided it was time for me to get over my fear and face it! So I chose a pattern that I could go through quickly because sock yarn is so thin I decided to use worsted. (For the non-knitters this means I selected a pattern with a thicker yarn so it would take less time to knit) This I think was a great idea for anyone who is teaching someone how to knit socks or is afraid to do it themselves. Last night, I tackled the Kitchener and with the help of this entry from one of my favorite blogs, I was able to go ahead and finish them. I finished it on the phone with my Knitting Fairy Godmother, and she explained that her friends read it aloud to her as she finished her first pair of socks. What I like about the Purl Bee blog is that you can do it for yourself by scrolling through their step by step instructions.

If you are looking for the pattern you can find it on Ravelry you will have to buy the book but they give you a link to buy it online. I want to make the other one before I block it out, I need to buy some sock blockers- any suggestions?

The next knitting dream of mine is to knit a sweater! (Sometimes I think it is silly how excited I can get about knitting but hey, it makes me happy!) So I am think about about knitting one of these two sweaters Textured Tunic or Split Neckline Cap Sleeve Tee. I was thinking the Textured Tunic would be more practical because by the time I finish it, I will probably be wearing long sleeves... Ho long does it take to knit sweaters anyway? Any suggestions on which one and which yarn you would recommend... I do not think that I would want an itchy sweater! (actually i know i don't)

On another not I saw this Meme on Vogue Knitting's Facebook this morning and thought I would share...

So true, I love it!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I know I know but I had to share!

This has been circulating in many online Knitting Circles but I had to share! I even saw it this morning on one of my FAVORITE knitting blogs Chic Knits.  (If you don't already read this on the regular- you should!)

I also wanted to take this moment to thank the "Knitting Fairy Godmother" for making me this lovely Bandana Cowl as I have yet to take it off!

Also, this is my first self picture on the blog (don't you hate self portraits... too difficult to take and so many deletes) anyway, this is the one that showed the best stitch definition (She did an amazing job!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Spend Less Money on Yarn/Needle Crafts

So there were only two votes in the recent poll and one was not for the three available topics, but it piqued my interest and I have been jotting ideas down since.

The topic requested was "Willpower- how to resist buying yarn"

I have evolved this into how to spend less:
  1. 1. Budget yourself- We do it everywhere else in life why not with our knitting? If you don't spend the allotted amount each week/month then you can carry it over and buy more the next month.
  2. Work from your stash! If you are a knitter even one that does not have a closet or room full of yarn you undoubtedly have something in a "stash." Ravelry has this unique feature that enables you to enter all of your stashed yarn. What you can do is then look to see what patterns you can make with the yarn you already have! If you liked the yarn in your LYS or craft store, you will definitely like knitting with it!
  3. Go "stash shopping" with your friends. Chances are you are not the only knitter you know... If this is the case, you know me and we can go stash shopping with each other! To use this you invite your friends over and you can all knit, eat, and go shopping in their stash. Now, of course you have to return the favor... so if someone invites you over it is knitting etiquette to then invite them over to eat, knit and shop in your stash. (I made the etiquette part up, but it sounds like the polite and courteous not to mention FUN thing to do, right?)
  4. If you are in a knit group you can have a day/night where everyone brings a skein of yarn. You can set an amount of money so that it is fair and have an exchange and make a game out of it! I know this is more of a holiday type of game but you can play White-Elephant! I imagine the ladies in my knitting group fighting over two skeins of madelinetosh pashmina!
  5. YARNBOMB with your stash, or waste/scrap yarn!
  6. Find a project you can make with leftover yarn! My friend's blog j'eat yet? has the instructions on how to make the below! I made it this weekend for the GIANTS game and it was fun and easy! The Yarn I used was leftover from my Special Olympics project!

No matter what you choose to do to save money, make it FUN!

On a completely unrelated note I have started my first pair of socks and I am too excited not to show them now!  Here are two pictures I took while trying to figure out if the tiny little thing would fit! (Of course it did, it was super stretchy)

This is also my first attempt at DPNS, and let me tell you I am still a Magic Loop Fan! I have committed to finishing the pair in DPNS but I may buy another set (which will be the 3rd) - any recommendations?
My complaints:
  • They get in the way of my knitting
  • They clank and click A LOT
  • They aren't Magic loop
Okay- that is all I can think of....

The other selected topic will come in next week's blog!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Topic Choices and an Update!

So I wanted to start with an update on the progress of my current project!

After Frogging (realizing I had overly confused the YO) I am now ahead of schedule.

If it wasn't for my Knitting Fairy Godmother (and Apple's Facetime) I have no idea where I would be, I am thinking of changing her nickname to Knitting Superwoman? -Let me know what you think?

As an aside I blocked my first project this weekend... Because this has a lacy garter stitch edge I realized I would need some practice blocking. I used the "wet blocking method"  but many of the ladies in my "Knit Night" group use the "steam blocking method"- What is your favorite and why? (I will particularly need advice on the project above.

Which is called sugared-violets by Rose Beck. I think it is a lovely pattern and Kyle thinks it is one of the most youthful looking of all the shawl pattern I considered!

Now to the some topics portion:

I have a couple of topics that I have been thinking about blogging about and would love your input on what the next blog topic should be:

1. Storage: Stash, Current Projects and Finished Projects!
2. Knitting Groups: The one I attend, topics we discuss and how to find one in your area
3. LYS: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In the spirit of the current primaries "Lets take a vote!" Let me know in the comments what you want the next topic to be!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This and That

I have a very long list of things I want to write about... seeing as it is has been quite some time since my last post I have so many finished projects with pictures that I want to show! There are so many things that I received and have been planning on working on that I want to talk about! I feel like I owe an entire post to my "Knitting Fairy Godmother." Even as I am typing this I am still not entirely sure what this post will be about, I haven't even filled in the "Title" box yet- which is very unusual for me. It makes me wonder, does an author of a book think of the title first and then the story?

Okay- now that my rambling is done I will try to create a good blog that touches on all of the aforementioned topics and maybe some more...

Lets start with the completed projects and pictures!

So the last time I wrote I was working on the scarf for the Special Olympics! Below is a picture of this completed project.

It is on my chair at the office because I shipped it from there. After reading the instructions the project requires you to use both colors so I did add the blue fringe at the ends. After sending it in I received a, "Thank You" back in the mail immediately. What a great organization!

The next project I recently finished are the Mitties for my sister. Yes I am aware that Christmas was about a month ago and that I started them a VERY long time ago but she was in Ireland for the holidays so I told myself they didn't need to be done until after Christmas! Lucky for me my sister is super cool and still needs them not only because she works in, "The City" (NYC, for those not raised in the tri-state area.)  My sister got to wear them while she was in Park City for Sundance. Which makes me feel important even if I don't get to be there with her.

She says she likes them and that the thumbs are a little tight. I used a size larger to bind off the hand and the thumb, any suggestions on how to avoid this one side tighter thing. The side I Cast On in all my projects is ALWAYS much more loose, and I wish they would be closer to even.

So I am in that stage in my life where all my friends are either engaged or pregnant so I have made these adorable booties for one of my friends who is expecting a little girl!

Here's One:

Here's Two:

I love them and I plan on making them for like every newborn. I am currently looking for a pattern for a hat to go with the booties I was thinking of this Baby Amanda Hat! What do you think?

The next project I am making is this shawl, I am a little bit nervous about it because I have never made a shawl before and this is my first attempt at lace. I will be using some of the yarn that I got for Christmas from my, "Knitting Fairy Godmother"

Here it is with the finished Mitties:
Here it is alone:

I am hoping it turns out nice and I will wear it at my friends Wedding reception in April, and possibly my other friends wedding in May!

The last picture I am going to show is a cowl I finished yesterday! It is made with Art Yarns-Silk Rhapsody Glitter This was tough to knit with because of the glitter strand! My "Knitting Fairy Godmother" gave me the yarn, needles, pattern and project bag for Christmas last year. I knitted it for quite some time but got tired of having to untangle the strands. So in the summer we untangled it and rewound it VERY carefully and had no more problems. It was so soft to knit with and feels GREAT!

I used an instagram filter on the picture which makes me feel fancy!

Last but not least, in this extremely long picture filled post, I want to thank my "Knitting Fairy Godmother" without her I would not have the renewed passion in knitting! She continues to take my "Knitting Help Line" Phone calls when I make mistakes or a YouTube video isn't enough to explain the multiple methods of "M1" Thank You I have found something I love doing and writing about!

I think I got almost everything on my mind into this post. I have a list next to the couch of other topics for future posts but I wanted to get all of this out of my head! I promise, I will write more soon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sorry it has been awhile...

I have been diligently working on my scarves for the Special Olympics!

See below and let me know what you think? Blue Fringe at the end or not?

I promise I will post again soon I will also show a picture of the completed project!