Saturday, February 18, 2012


A lot of people talk about, "second sock syndrome" which I am sure happens... but for me it was, "first sock syndrome." For the readers who are non-knitters "second sock syndrome" is about doing half of something and not having the motivation to continue... Like doing the laundry but not want to fold it or put it away... but worse because you can still wear the laundry right out of the laundry basket even if they aren't folded; you cannot wear one sock without the other one being done.

For me I had what I am calling, "first sock syndrome." Ever since I began knitting everyone talked about how great socks were and how they were the most worn and useful item you would ever knit. In addition to these highlights they also talked about the dreaded "Kitchener Stitch." According to most, this  stitch was so difficult and confusing that they wouldn't even try socks even after years of knitting. After hearing this for so long and  making a couple pairs of fingerless mitts, I decided it was time for me to get over my fear and face it! So I chose a pattern that I could go through quickly because sock yarn is so thin I decided to use worsted. (For the non-knitters this means I selected a pattern with a thicker yarn so it would take less time to knit) This I think was a great idea for anyone who is teaching someone how to knit socks or is afraid to do it themselves. Last night, I tackled the Kitchener and with the help of this entry from one of my favorite blogs, I was able to go ahead and finish them. I finished it on the phone with my Knitting Fairy Godmother, and she explained that her friends read it aloud to her as she finished her first pair of socks. What I like about the Purl Bee blog is that you can do it for yourself by scrolling through their step by step instructions.

If you are looking for the pattern you can find it on Ravelry you will have to buy the book but they give you a link to buy it online. I want to make the other one before I block it out, I need to buy some sock blockers- any suggestions?

The next knitting dream of mine is to knit a sweater! (Sometimes I think it is silly how excited I can get about knitting but hey, it makes me happy!) So I am think about about knitting one of these two sweaters Textured Tunic or Split Neckline Cap Sleeve Tee. I was thinking the Textured Tunic would be more practical because by the time I finish it, I will probably be wearing long sleeves... Ho long does it take to knit sweaters anyway? Any suggestions on which one and which yarn you would recommend... I do not think that I would want an itchy sweater! (actually i know i don't)

On another not I saw this Meme on Vogue Knitting's Facebook this morning and thought I would share...

So true, I love it!

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  1. You could definitely make the Split Neckline Tee before the summer. I never make things for myself from wool because I am always so hot. A blend of yarn with some wool would be great. I know you can make this. You are an amazing new knitter. See you next week.